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Erin Jane Illuminations

Our line honors the beauty and perfection of nature and our gratitude for each moment.

Pure Luxury Coconut and Beeswax Candles

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Our Mission 

Erin Jane Illuminations

Erin Jane Illuminations was created in memory of my daughter as a healing tribute to her purity, beauty and loving message to celebrate life.

The crystal jewel on each of our products represents the illumination of love and light. Our candles and products are intentionally created to honor and rejuvenate the human spirit. 

We’re passionate about the quality and integrity of our line. We ethically source our ingredients with the belief that nature is perfection. There is a luxury in the simplicity and versatility of the design - to be enjoyed in any room, in any home. 

We believe that we can affect our customers on a fundamental level. Lighting a candle is a ritual, a sacred moment of relaxation and gratitude. Our products enhance environments but it’s really about the human spirit. We want to spread the love.