Manifesting a dream

Erin Jane Illuminations

My daughter, Lauren, and I created Erin Jane Illuminations in our kitchen on a rainy day. After being disappointed with a recent candle purchase that seemed to burn too quickly and had very little scent, I picked up some supplies and had some essential oils on hand. Together we created a beautiful candle and had it lit that evening. 

It started with a single flame, illuminating our hearts. It was not our first rainy day. Over a year had gone by since we lost Erin Jane, my youngest daughter, to biliary atresia (a liver disease). She was just three and the light of our lives. Now we had found a way to keep Erin Jane's beauty illuminating and were able to share this beauty with others. 

Erin Jane




The vision

Erin Jane Illuminations

Erin Jane Illuminations is in stores nationally and available on line. We continue in expanding the line to embrace our vision. 

The product line has a beautiful clean aesthetic that is symbolic of our purity and intention. 


My daughter Lauren and I partnered in the mission. It is a collaboration, a shared journey. We are excited to manifest our dreams and spread the love!