Vanilla and fig candle erin jane illuminations handmade


Handmade with love,

pure coconut, beeswax &

essential oils.

canvas tote bag light up the world with love erin jane illuminations

Tote Bags

Light up the world with love and use our tote bags for everything!

reed diffuser erin jane illuminations

Reed Diffusers

Our lovely reed diffusers will keep your space fresh for months.

essential oil fragrance mist home and body erin jane illumiations

Home & Body Mists

Revitalize and relax with our custom essential oil blends.

blank note card with jewel erin jane illuminations

Note Cards

Spread the love with our blank note cards. Personalize your message of love. 

3oz votives handmade erin jane illuminatons


Our 3oz votives are perfect for small spaces and to sample your favorite scents.