Erin Jane Illuminations

Our handmade candles are made with pure coconut and beeswax & essential oils. 

We discovered that paraffin and soy wax are preferred in the industry because they are inexpensive but they are not sustainable. They burn quickly and pollute your enviornment. 

We sourced coconut wax and beeswax to make candles that burn beautifully. Sustainably produced, and slow-burning, coconut wax and beeswax offered us a simple natural solution. It is a rarity in the candle industry. 

Our design is natural, clean and luxurious. The crystal jewel on each of our products represents the illumination of love and light. Our candles and products are intentionally created to honor and rejuvenate the human spirit. 




Reed Diffusers

Erin Jane Illuminations

Our reed diffusers are designed to disperse your favorite scent in any space for many months. Simply rotate the reeds to refresh the scent! Made with essential oils and natural fragrances.




Home & Body Mists

Erin Jane Illuminations

Our home and body mists make a great fragrance to wear or to freshen any space with your favorite signature blend. Made with essential and natural fragrances.