Erin Jane Illuminations

Real ingredients allow our candles to burn longer and cleaner

We discovered the candle industry was using toxic, unsustainable materials and low quality fragrances. We use coconut wax and beeswax for a slow burning beautiful candle. We add natural scents with essential oils for an organic aroma. An eco wick and a glass container align to our effort to produce an environmentally responsible candle, honoring nature. 

The integrity of our line is in every product that we offer. Real purity and sustainability, sourced with intention. We enhance environments with beautiful products that are as real as you are. Our dream of expanding the product line to incorporate real skin care and beauty products is based on the fundamental desire to celebrate and rejuvenate naturally. 

Our collections are the product of years of refinement 

Erin Jane Illuminations

Love- Gardenia & Tuberose

A delicate floral. Inspires and heals, clearing and calming.


Celebrate- Vanilla & Fig

Sensual, soothing, mood lifting and tranquilizing. 


Light- Plum & Tangerine

Bright and sunny soothing smell to promote happiness and help with anxiety and nervous tension.


Forever- Rosemary & Mint   

Calming stress relief and immune system boosting, stimulates memory and promotes restfulness.


Radiant- Plumeria & Coconut

Uplifting scent, lightens the mood and relieves stress, a sense of renewal.


Peace- Ginger & Clove

Revitalizing blend to bring a deep sense of peace and relaxation.